Teenager with symptoms of endometriosis

(Painful ovulation, depressed and low from ovulation to menstruation, as well as serious period cramps)


I heard you wanted an update regarding endometriosis. The last period was not painful and from memory I didn’t have to resort to pain relief. I felt very odd the day before the previous period but that was probably due to having eaten junk food and drinking coffee for over one month, plus I was under a lot of pressure, tired and worn out [worked abroad for a month]. Still I the period wasn’t particularly painful despite sitting still for 24 hrs whilst flying home from the US. I had been very active physically during the month in the US which might explain that. Before that, my period started on the second day in the US and I did take an Ibuprofen early in that morning and didn’t have to take any further for the rest of the day, I moved around a lot that day. That’s about it, I haven’t been in pain for a very long time :).’



Happy ending to infertility


(Four IVF attempts in two years, pregnant soon after detoxing synthetic hormones)


Sitting here with tears of happiness in my eyes!  I’ve just received an email from a patient I contacted since I hadn’t heard from her and was curious as to how she was getting on.

I have her permission to show her reply in full, below: 



I’ve been thinking so much about you and wasn’t sure if it would be too much sending you a picture…. but will send one anyway.

I ovulated straight after the first round of treatment [homeopathic] on 8 October 2018 and that is when our little Natalia was conceived. She was born 6 July 2019 and is a health and happy girl.

Thank you for all the help, I’m convinced that your help made it possible for me to finally keep a little embryo in my uterus whcih hadn’t manage to keep four in two years, what do I know. But she is here and thank you for that, Elisabet.’


I received the reply below when asking if she would give me permission to share her story: 



I would love for you to use it [my story], so that others also can be given hope and faith and test other ways the the ‘usual’ which for one reason or another didn’t work for us.

We can’t know what did it, but the day after the pregnancy test I felt something I hadn’t felt before: “this little mite has ‘stuck’, this is our baby”.

I immediately felt the difference in my body, it wasn’t at all like the first four, when I actually felt after a little while that nothing remained and the bleed would start within a day or so.

This time I had a feeling I almost didn’t dare repeat out loud but it was there and that is what happened.

It’s your choice but I don’t mind you using both my name and the picutre, I happily talk openly about turning to you, what the treatment was like, how it affected me and that I got pregnant. Many are moved to tears and very fascinating and surprised that this type of treatment is available. Information should reach more people, I’m aware nothing is guaranteed, but I know that I’m not the only person who have had a baby after being helped by a homeopath.

The move went smoothly but my partner had to take care of everything  😆

Du väljer själv men jag har inga problem med varken namn eller bild, jag pratar mer än gärna öppet om att jag vände mig till dig, hur behandlingen var, påverkade mig och att jag efter det blev gravid. Många blir rörda till tårar av det och väldigt fascinerade samt förvånade över att någon sådan behandling ens finns. Fler bör få veta det, finns inga garantier, det är jag medveten om, men jag vet att jag inte är den enda som blivit fått barn efter att fått hjälp av en homeopat.

Thank you for everything, Elisabet, I hope we will meet again sometime.

Big hug,

Milena Hernández’




Patient globetrotting around the world for work

‘Greetings from Kualalumpur, Malaysia. I’d just like you to know that the jetlag remedies you gave me save the day tima and again.’



Stressad lady with a lot of responsibilities

‘Thank you for yesterday, feels great that life is back on track. 😊

When you notice such big differences it’s only natural to want to push others, to take the step to sort out their problems and ailments. So, should I like to gift a visit to you as a Christmas present, would you happen to issue gift vouchers?

[My reply in short: Yes, I issue gift vouchers but, unless the person is ready to receive the help, it doesn’t usually work well. If the person is ready then I ask that they book the appointment themselves so that we know that they are not being coerced and feeling forced. I will send the invoice to you after the visit.]

I’m delighted to let you know another interesting thing that has happened. Calc Flour – after only two days (one pillule per day) I woke up to an entierly different feeling…. The mobility in my shoulder is almost back to normal (!!!) cool, hey? Without having done any excercises or anything else I’m almost back to full mobility. Thank you for that. 😊 I can’t wait to see what will happen to the stiffness in my lower back.




A Skype patient with a cold

(One of my patient I see via Skype wrote a few lines about the treatment she received.)

‘I became ill quite suddenly with an extremely nasty cold/flu type infection. Friends who had experienced the same infection had been ill for weeks. After almost a week of being in bed, no proper sleep, a painful sore throat and a constantly dripping nose, which no over the counter medicine had been able to alleviate, I turned to Elisabet for help. She listened patiently to my symptoms and prescribed a remedy which I took that evening. The following day, although not completely better, my symptoms were dramatically reduced and I felt as if I was finally on the mend. The infection continued to subside over the next few days. I have no doubt that without Elisabet’s treatment I would not have recovered so quickly.’


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