Elisabet Agar, Homeopath, specialising in endometriosis

Elisabet Agar Homeopath


My goal is simple

To help women with endometriosis live a painfree life in a natural, effective and gentle way


A life without pain

It is possible for women with symptoms of endometriosis  to live a life without pain, naturally and gently (you can begin using homeopathic remedies without having received a diagnosis). A life without pain, fainting, vomiting, chemical hormones, morphine and antidepressants. 

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Managing endometriosis naturally

Homeopathic remedies can be taken on two different levels: 1) For the underlying reasons you ended up with endometriosis, and 2) for what I usually refer to as SOS, as and when you are in pain. Any medical treatment you are on does not have to be discontinued to begin homeopathic treatment. Many other issues can, and often will, accompany the symptoms of endometriosis (whether you have been diagnosed or not), including infertility. Balancing your hormones naturally and reducing scarring can increase fertility. 

I’m specialising in helping women overcome endometriosis (or their undiagnosed symptoms) in a natural, effective and gentle manner, with homeopathic remedies that are non-toxic, cheap, non-addictive and not tested on animals (they are all tested on healthy adults volulnteers), to help women regain their quality and zest for life


A variety of symptoms

Are you longing to be treated individually, with the aim of getting to the bottom of what is making you feel so unwell? Perhaps you have suffered for a long time but never understood what it is that is causing the problems? Many report back that their symptoms appear less often, or less severe, soon after beginning to take homeopathic remedies, if they don’t disappear all together. 



I prescribe homeopathic remedies for acute & chronic issues and am particularly interested in women with endometriosis (including undiagnosed symptoms of endometriosis). 

Via Skype/Facetime/video link  (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Sat): Skype: elisabet.agar
In my clinic (Mon): Moveri, Järntorgsgatan 12 – 14 (vån 5), Gothenburg, Sweden


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