My story

The pain

The reason I decided to specialise in endometriosis is because I was in so much pain since my first period. I was told that being in pain was perfectly normal. It isn’t normal, despite it being very common. In fact 10% of the menstruating population of the world suffer with endometriosis. 

Since everyone kept reminding me that it was fully normal to be in such pain, I never really sought any help, except for being prescribed the oral contraceptive pill when I was about 16 or 17. I took the pill for two years, but the pain didn’t subside and my mental health was even worse on the pill than off it. Giving up the pill felt to me like taking the lid of a pressure cooker, it felt as if I could finally breathe again. Although I never received an endometriosis diagnosis, later in life I’ve understood that endometriosis is probably what caused that level of pain.


Life limiting

The pain was often bad enough for me having to stay home from work and cancel friends at short notice. Besides the pain, I also vomited and fainted, making me scared to go outside when it was at worst. Once, I fainted stepping off a bus and collapsed on a pavement in London. Fortunately for me, a sweet lady carrying smelling salts came by and revivied me. I remember having taken six paracetamol that  morning, but they didn’t touch the pain at all. The pain would start a few days before my period was due and abate a few days in, and was usually bad enough to knock me out completely. Eventually I realised that my cycle was very short, only three weeks which in effect meant that I had 7 days out of 21 that I was not in pain or in a foul mood.


Homeopathy helped my daughter and myself

At 28 I gave birth to my first child and was looking forward to the pain diminishing, as I had been told it would. It didn’t. Instead the pain actually increased dramatically. When my son was 18 months we were introduced to a homeopath whose treatment helped him with painful digestive issues and recurrent ear infections, tonsillitis and general colds. Since all his issues resolved with homeopathic treatment I decided to book myself in too to see if she would be able to help me as well.  Initially I was still in pain, but at a much lower scale. The fainting and vomiting reduced too, as did the IBS symptoms that I also had. The severity of my symptoms continued to reduce as time went by and within about four to six months I was in essentially free from the pain and other symptoms I had suffered.

For many, many years, everything was fine, until my daughter hit puberty and ended up with exactly the same symptoms I had suffered. She used to call me crying from her bedroom because she was too scared to stand up as she had fainted and vomited so many times. She also had off the scale PMT which seemingly I had passed on to her. Fortunately, I knew that homeopathy would help her and within a few months of beginning treatment she was virtually symptom free. 

It is difficult for anyone who has not been subject to the severe pain and mental anguish endometriosis can produce to understand how increadibly painful it can be, and to which levels endometriosis reduces a sufferers quality and zest for life negatively.


My mission now

To help women with endometriosis and other period related issues overcome their symptoms and live painfree, in a natural, effective and gentle way.


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